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Manual of the House

Dear Guest, a very warm welcome at Agriturismo Le Masciare!

We are honored by your visit to our place in this very authentic part of Italy. We hope you will enjoy your stay! In order to give you a kick start, we have written a short ‘manual’. It contains some basic information, as well as tips and tricks which will help you to easily get around. It will take approximately 5 minutes to read, so it might be worth it.
The Agriturismo has 3 apartments and 3 studios, with 13 bedrooms in total and a beautiful swimming pool. At the other side of the estate, following the sandy road over the hill you will find Le Masciare, our organically certified wine estate and olive grove. Feel free to walk around the olive groves and vineyards and enjoy the relaxation that nature offers.
Optional services offered include our wine tour of the cellar and the vineyards which will end with the tasting of one or more wines from our estate. You will be able to discover what makes Irpinia a unique area for making wine. It is possible to buy directly in the winery and naturally as our guest you will enjoy a nice discount on the wines and olive oils. If you would like to visit, just contact our staff. It’s that easy.


Although we believe in freedom, we have learned it is easier to have some basic rules sometimes. The rules and conditions of the farmhouse are there to guarantee peace and relaxation to all guests. Therefore we invite you to adopt a respectful behavior towards the house, its furniture and towards other guests, especially during the day and night rest hours.

  • Check-in time: the rooms will be available from 4 pm, unless otherwise agreed. We ask you to communicate your arrival time in advance, enabling us to welcome you.
  • Check-out time: check-out time is until 11 am. If there are no other guests arriving on the same day as your check-out, a stay after this time is often possible, and can be requested at tel. +393208418815 (Virna). The additional cost per room depending on availability is until 5 pm on the day of departure for an additional fee.

Please do not forget to leave us the keys when you check out.
We don’t usually require a security deposit because we believe in the goodness of people. This will also help you check out faster. You can leave the keys inside the apartment on the table. Then you can close the door after you, without locking, when you leave.
Energy consumption is a big burden for us and for the environment. We therefore would really appreciate it when all electrical devices are turned OFF before going out. Above all, AIR CONDITIONING and HOB/STOVE/OVEN, as they are the worst. The refrigerator can be left on.
We ask you to leave the kitchen clean at check-out, allowing us to deliver the room at the right time to the next guest. For non-compliance we unfortunately have to charge a fee of € 30.

The Agriturismo also offers breakfast as an additional service. Breakfast will be served from 08:00 to 10:30, and can be requested at the time of booking. If you decide at a later time that you would like to have breakfast with us, you can also let us know, please inform us at least half a day in advance. Breakfast comes at an additional cost.

Wi-Fi is free, without a password, and available in all parts of the farmhouse (the name of the network is Le Masciare). Sometimes the signal is not very strong as it comes through a satellite. We have studied all options, and this is the best available. We are in a rural and remote area without fiberoptic or other cables installed in the neighborhood, so sometimes its strength can vary. The best advice is to enjoy your stay with people you love around you in these beautiful surroundings, and most of the time there will be Wi-Fi also on top of it!
We like pets very much and we have several of our own. But as you might have seen all walls are….white! Pets are therefore unfortunately not allowed in the structure.

Tap water is drinkable. Irpinia is known for its greenery and its springs and the water is subject to rigorous controls. Not only that, by drinking tap water you can help the planet by saving a lot of plastic.
All items left in the apartment once you leave will be safely stored for you as soon as they are found. Let us know what you forgot and the address to send it to. We are happy to help you get them back.


The change of towels and sheets and the cleaning of the apartment are carried out once a week, upon agreement with you. This allows us to be more environmentally friendly by saving water and laundry detergent.
A more frequent change can be requested for a supplement. In that case, we kindly ask you to leave the towels on the floor when you want them to be replaced. The bathrooms are equipped with a hairdryer and complimentary toiletries.


All equipment, food, soaps and detergents that can be found in the apartment are at your complete disposal. You can use them without asking. We ask you to be careful when using the equipment and avoid spoiling or breaking them. Please tell us if you break them unintentionally, which can always happen, so we can replace them for the next guests. Usually the damage is limited to small things like plates or glasses, and for these things we naturally don’t charge.
The smart tv is connected to the internet. If you wish, you can use your personal accounts to play paid streaming programs (remember not to save usernames and passwords). Otherwise its current setting is only for the reception of Italian digital channels. You can operate it with the supplied remote control.
Some apartments have a Sonos sound system, this can be linked to your smartphone by downloading the free Sonos app through the Google Play store. If you know Sonos it is easy….!

We ask you to keep the television and any music systems at a volume that respects the peace and harmony of the environment, especially during rest times: from 14:00 to 16:00 and from 23:00 to 09:00.
We kindly ask you not to leave dishes or glassware outside the apartments and to place them in the respective apartment after any shared lunches.


To respect the environment and minimize waste, we carry out separate waste collection. Therefore we kindly ask you to use the appropriate containers for the correct separation of waste, both in private rooms and in common areas. The larger recycling bins are located outside the structure.
Waste can be disposed of as follows:

  • Organic waste (food) & not recyclable waste
  • Bottles and containers in glass, plastic and metal
  • Paper and cardboard
    If the bags in the waste buckets inside your apartment are full, please leave them in the appropriate containers behind the farmhouse next to the technical room (little white house in the back) or hand them to our staff when they are on premise.


For guests who smoke there are several places where they can smoke outside at their convenience, with an ashtray often nearby. Out of respect for future guests, we kindly ask you not to smoke inside the premises as the smell remains in the rooms and penetrates mattresses, curtains and sofas. Thank you very much.
The hob / hot plate switches on and off with simple switches positioned on the hob. For correct operation, place the pan on the hob before switching it on. We recommend particular caution, especially in the presence of children. Be careful not to wet the hob with any liquid, as it has a special safety circuit that switches off automatically.
If this happens, you just need to 1) wait for the top to cool down, and 2) remove the liquid. We kindly ask you to leave the hob and oven tidy and clean before check-out. Thank you!
Parking is free but not guarded: although there are no particular risks for your vehicle, we recommend that you lock your car and not leave any valuables.
We ask you not to bring external persons into the rooms or common areas, unless otherwise agreed.
Please make sure that children inside the farmhouse and in the pool area are ALWAYS accompanied by a responsible adult. We unfortunately have to decline all responsibility for accidents to children left unattended.
With prior notice, it is possible to equip the apartments with optional extra beds or cots.


The swimming pool is open at the following times: from 08:00 to 20:00. Guests can use the swimming pool at their own risk. Children are not allowed in the pool area without adult supervision. We ask you to keep the pool area clean and tidy at all times.


The air conditioning is very easy to use, you can control it through the remote control that fits in the container on the wall. You can activate / deactivate the air conditioner and adjust the temperature. Please do not leave the air-conditioning on when you go out. When you come in it will take only 5/10 minutes to reach a cool and ideal temperature. In addition, when you have turned off the air conditioning during your absence, you will have contributed to not worsening the climate emergency. We thank you for your cooperation!
In addition, the air conditioning unit can provide hot air as well, it is sufficient to switch the mode from the ‘ice’ symbol to the ‘sun’ symbol and increase the temperature.


To offer maximum freedom and privacy, we tend to “disappear” from the eyes of our guests once they have checked in. However, we are at your disposal should you have any special needs or assistance. The best way to contact us is via mobile at tel. +393208418815 (call or WhatsApp message), or via email to info@lemasciare.com (we check our inbox very frequently).



For any type of emergency (police, ambulance, fire brigade); ask the operators


The closest medical guard is in Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi, in Via dietro Le Mura


The nearest hospitals are:

  • Presidio Ospedaliero & ASL Avellino G. Criscuoli – Via Quadrivio, Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi (small hospital);
  • Ospedale San Giuseppe Moscati – Contrada Amoretta, Avellino (larger hospital)


Farmacia Bagaglia – Via Nazario Sauro, 28/30, Paternopoli. Tel. 0827 771028


Carabinieri – Viale Fiorentino Troisi, 18, Paternopoli. Tel. 0827 71005


Dimeglio Point Boccella – Via Nazionale, Paternopoli. Tel. 0827 71343


(including a large supermarket)
Il Carro & Iper di Mirabella: both centres located in Via San Michele, Mirabella Eclano (20min by car)
The central stop is next to the Paternopoli Carabinieri station.
The nearest bus stop is located as soon as you exit the Contrada Barbassano about 100 meters on the right, roughly opposite the gas station.


There are no taxi’s in Paternopoli. It is best to contact a taxi agency in Avellino.


Informal restaurants:

Ristorante Milano – Strada statale 400 n. 18, Montemarano
Ristorante La Petra – Contrada Valle, 83040 Castelfranci
Il Caminetto – Via Piano, 16, Paternopoli

Formal restaurants:

Il Vecchio Mulino – Strada Provinciale Ponteromito, Castelfranci
La Pergola – Strada Comunale Freda, 4, Gesualdo
Pater Familias – Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Paternopoli

Megaron – Via Neviera, 11, Paternopoli


In Irpinia:

Nusco (ancient village), Taurasi (ancient village), Terme di Villamaina (thermal baths), Sanctuary of Montevergine (monastery), Goleto Abbey (monastery), Lancellotti Castle, Laceno Lake.

In Campania:

Pompeii (excavations), Vesuvius (volcano), Naples, Amalfi Coast, Reggia di Caserta (palace similar to that of Louis XIV).

For any other information…

For any other information, or to pass us your advice or suggestions on how to improve the experience for future guests, please send us an email (info@lemasciare.com), or call us or send a Whatsapp message to +39 320 841 8815 (Virna).

On behalf of the whole Le Masciare staff we wish you a pleasant stay!

Tutto lo staff Le Masciare ti augura un buon soggiorno!